National corporate organisations typically charge £200 per year rental on their bottles and also charge a minimum of £40 for delivery. Low users like garages and bodyshops can save money on their welding gases, by buying from their local air conditioning and refrigeration supplier DBS, without rental and a choice of sizes


When combined with Acetylene produces a flame of 3500ºC for Oxy-Fuel welding. Oxygen can also be used with Propane to produce a 2500ºC flame, hot enough for cutting or heating seized components. Available in 10ltr or 20ltr.



Used to pressure test automotive air conditioning systems- a legal requirement since 2010. Also used as tyre inflation on performance marques as a substitute for compressed air.


Co2/Argon Mix

Used as a shield to exclude air from the welding arc and prevent oxidisation of the steel in mig welding. 5% mix for steel up to 6mm thickness, 15% for steel over 6mm thickness. Pure Argon - Used as a shield again when mig welding Aluminium or Tig welding.


Pro Fuel

We also supply SGS Pro Fuel, the latest product which replaces Acetylene and burns at a very similar temperature. Used to carry out gas welding, cutting, heating or brazing, acetylene primary flames reach 3100°C whereas Profuel is a little lower at 2950°C this compared to propane at 2600°C makes a big difference. The Profuel secondary flame burns twice as hot as acetylene and is a much safer gas to use. However as this is a different gas we suggest end users adjust their settings and strongly recommend our range of Pro Fuel specific nozzles, which give the very best results. Please contact us for further details.

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